Kosta Boda Snowball votive by Ann Warff

Capturing the playful side of a fresh winter snow, Kosta Boda's Snowball votive offers a whimsical yet luminescent shape. The snowball votive is crafted of thick, clear crystal with layers, creases, and bumps that give it a realistic, just-patted-into-shape look. Set a candle inside through the opening on top, and the light moves through the glass in all directions and angles. The effect is magical on an evening dining table, mantelpiece, or bar. As unique and fresh as a winter landscape, the snowball votive makes a luxurious, imaginative gift. Created by Ann Warff in 1973, it has become a classic Kosta Boda design. Measures diameter 9cm by 8cm high. 850g. Used but perfect condition.